Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Records 30/10

On this very small update I have vinyls with Funeral Bitch which is the demo 7” of an early Paul Speckman project. And the very hyped Antichrist debut LP.

These records will sell without a doubt, and they’re both worth getting. But I did get a hold of a few copies of early 90:s Melbourne based one-man band Scroungers. This is very good shit!

Recommended to everyone out there, with an open mind when it comes to underground music. This release will never get a big second hand market value. But if you like to have a bit of dirty punk history in your collection get it. Fuck politics, lets riot!   

Funeral Bitch -The Demos EP    70
Rupture – Soapfarm / Das Waffen SS    45
Rupture - Spontaneous Simian Combustion    45
Rupture/Opposition Party    45
Scroungers - Weak as Piss    45
Su19b/Dreadeye    40

Antichrist- Forbidden World    160
Dr. Living Dead - S/T    160
In Solitude - S/T    160
Rotting Christ - Passage to Arcturo    160
Slaughter - Not Dead Yet    170
Slaughter - Strappado    170

Rupture - Gus Chamber and the Rape Apes    100