Friday, March 2, 2012

7th+9th Boil

Styggelse - Sadomasochrist 7" and Usurpress/Pyramido 7"

You can listen to both 7” at the sounds section.

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7th Boil: Styggelse - Sadomasochrist 7”
Satanic Rocking Old School Black Metal from Göteborg with influences far back in the record crates. This 7" is their vinyl debut.
200 copies: black vinyl
100 copies: Wicked Edition on colour vinyl.

9th Boil: Usurpress/Pyramido 7"
Usurpress delivers 2 new tracks of D-Beat Death Metal, this is their best material up to date. Skånes heaviest band Pyramido contributes with 1 sludge tune to follow up their last praised LP Salt. Good shit!

The Wicked Edition which is on slime green vinyl also includes a bonus 7” with a screen printed glued sleeve. On this 7” Usurpress plays a Discharge/Misery medley called” Mania for Conquest”. And Pyramido covers ” Fed Up” by Judge. Only 100 made!
400 copies: black vinyl
100 copies: Wicked Edition on colour vinyl + bonus cover split 7”.

Caravan Kids - Esox Lucius flexi 7" (distributed by Plague Island)

A follow-up for their hyped split 7” with Carola, Caravan Kids have accomplished an even shittier record. This time on a clear floppy flexi disc, with outer sleeve.

200 copies

Some other decent records are also in stock:


Caravan Kids - Esox Lucius flexi 7" (lim to 200)
Megascavenger - Songs Of Flesh (Part I)
Miasmal - S/T
Styggelse - Sadomasochrist (regular)
Styggelse - Sadomasochrist (Wicked Edition lim to 100)
Usurpress/Pyramido (regular)
Usurpress/Pyramido -(Wicked Edition lim to 100, includes bonus7")


Aura Noir - Black Thrash Attack
Aura Noir - Deep Tracts of Hell
Autopsy - Acts of the Unspeakable
Autopsy - All Tomorrow's Funerals 2LP
Autopsy - Mental Funeral
Darkthrone Sempiternal Past - The Darkthrone Demos 2LP
Mayhem - Live In Leipzig
Morbus Chron - Sleepers in the Rift
Tormented - Graveyard Lust


Bastardator - 2 Dicography
Bloodsoacked - The Lost Masters + 1 Volume 666
Haveri - Into the Crypts of
Hellscourge - Hells Wrath Batallion
Kill - Necro Files
Moontower - Spirits of the Antichrist