Thursday, April 7, 2016

Rust - Raw Shredding Death LP + Modorra/Bodybag 12"

I've now started to take pre-orders for Rust - Raw Shredding Death LP and Modorra/Bodybag 12".
You can listen to tracks at the "releases" section. 

There will also be some limited merch, see below! You can pre-order these at the new webstore Full mailorder list will stay on this site though.

Distributors that are interested in carrying these releases in their country feel free to drop a line.

Modorra/Bodybag 12" will be released in North America by Morgue Ritual Records.

And if you have the guts, check out this music video with Modorra:

Some new records in stock

I've been clearing out a shitload of titles that are out of stock and added these to the list.

Bodybag - Predominace of Insanity 12"
Discard - Death from Above 7"
Excruciating Terror - Expression of Pain - LP
Malignant Tumor - In Full Swing - LP
Mob 47 - Kärnvapen Attack 7"
Mutliated Veterans/Vastation 7"
Protes Bengt - In Bengt we Trust 7"
Sete Star Sept - Messenger From the Darkness LP