Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Not my release, but pretty cool grind from Greece

Monday, August 25, 2014

Modorra Long Sleeves

There is a few extra of these long sleeves. 200 SEK PPD.

And some more vinyls:

Bombs of Hades - Carnivores
Capitalist Casualties/Discordance Axis
Discordance Axis/Cosmic Hurse
Horrifying - Euphoric Existence
Machetazo/Haedless Death
Necroven - Descent Into the Cryptic Chasm

Bloody Phoenix - Ode to Death
Boms of Hades - Chambers Of Abominations
Boms of Hades - The Serpent’s Redemption
Coffins/XXX Maniak
Elastic Death/Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair
Grindwork, 4 way Split LP (CSSO/Vivisection/RTLN/Nasum)
Hypo-Christians - Terror During Prayer
Kent Brokman/Edöra
Last Days of Humanity - Hymns of Indigestible Suppuration picLP
Lazarus Blackstar/Black Shape of Nexus
Machetazo - The Maggot Sessions II
Megaslaughter - Calls from the Beyond
Nausea - Crimes Against Humanity
Slaughter - Meatcleaver
The Kill - Blast Beat'n The Shit Outta PBS - Live To Air on 10"
Wormrot - Abuse (Org. Pressing)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

AG goes O.K

Here's some new records. This one below I really like, a must have for everyone out there who likes Onkel Kånkel for the sake of their good tunes!

Agathocles - From Grey to Black
Carcass/Repulsion - Live
Disma - Towards the Megalith
Fetus Eaters - Manticore
Hooded Menace - Labyrinth of Carrion Breeze
Repulsione - Sunrip
Sakatat - Bir Devrin Sonu
Yacöpsae - Tanz Grosny Tanz

Love Channel/Femtekolonnare
Schnauzer/Dr. Bitch
Yacöpsae - Krank ist Normal... Reloaded

Archagathus / Nak’ay