Sunday, December 11, 2011

Update of Noia and Usurpress vinyls

I’ve packed all the orders that came in last week, please be patient I only have 2 hands. As for distributors so far Record Boy in Japan will have copies of both editions. Hells Headbangers, Nuclear Winter and Doomentia will have a handful copies for US, Greek and Czech customers out there, black vinyl only. Italian customers can probably get copies directly from Noia at the moment.

Speaking of Doomentia they’ve released Usurpress - Tales of Possessors 7” and Usurpress/Bombs of Hades 7”. I have a few copies of both, they cost 50 SEK each.

This is how the records look in real life. I don’t have that many Noia posters so they will only be shipped with the Wicked Edition.