Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some GRIND for a change

C.S.S.O from Japan was one of best and most interesting GRIND bands in the  90:s. They made 2 studio albums and lots of splits. The first album called Nagro Lauxes VIII from 95 is really good, and so are the early splits. I've been in touch  with the vocalist Naru for a couple of years. We've  talked about finally getting this masterpiece the vinyl treatment it deserves.  I'm sure it won't be a commercial success, but who cares. Hopefully this will  see the light sometime next year. You can listen to the opening track Daddy's Home from this album above, what a song title!   

I just got a hold of a few copies of the bootleg LP of the since long sold out GRINDWORK 3"CD which also includes another interesting Japanese grindband called Vivisection which C.S.S.O also released a split 7" with.

Unfortunately the entire B side is filled up with another band... But I guess you just can play the Japanese part of this split over and over again, I do. 

I've also added these to the mailorder:

Archagathus/Deathtoll 80K    40
D.I.E./Realized    40
Minch/Cadaver feast    40
Minch/Mamarracho    40
Unholy Grave/Matka Teresa    40
Unholy Grave/Mitten Spider    40
V/A - Wrong Side of the Tracks (Dahmer, The Kill..)    45
Blood - Impulse to Destroy    120
Claws - Absorbed in the Nethervoid    130
Coffins - Ancient Torture 4LP BOX      420
Deathtoll 80 K - Harsh Realities    110
Defecation - Purity Dilution    120
General Surgery - Left Hand Pathology    120
Grindwork, 4 way Split LP (CSSO/Vivisection/RTLN/Nasum)   130
Haemorrhage - Haemotology 2LP      180
Haemorrhage/Disgorge 10"    100
Looking for an Answer - Eterno Treblinka    120
Looking For an - Answer  Extinction    110
Machetazo - Munda Cripta    120
Prosanctus Inferi- Pandemonic Ululations of Vesperic Palpitation   130
Righteous Pigs - Stress Related    120
Spazz/Subversion    130

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