Saturday, May 25, 2013


2 months after the release date, they’re finally here! The 2nd LP from Swedish Tormented called “Death Awaits”, check it out below! 

Another band not to be missed is the Americans in Nekrofilth that just shat out the new 7”; "Street Bitch".
I also got some of their earlier vinyl releases in stock; check it out before it’s too late!

New stuff in stock:

Ataraxy - Rotten Shit MLP
Banished From Inferno - Minotaur LP
Blessed Offal - Dreaming Dark Dementia MLP
Entombed - Left Hand Path LP
General Surgery - Corpus in Extremis…LP (RED)
Machetazo - Live at CBGB LP
Nekrofilth - Street Bitch 7"
Terrorizer - World Downfall LP
Tormented - Death Awaits LP

And some other records back in stock:

Brutal Truth - Need To Control 2LP
Funeral Bitch -The Demos EP
Iron Monkey - Our Problem 2LP
Iron Monkey - S/T

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