Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2 new releases.

I can finally announce that Noia - Necessary Extinction LP will be here in the next couple of days. To go with that one a new upcoming Swedish band called Usurpress will release their debut 12" on Plague Island. It's called In Permanent Twilight so just go to the sounds section and listen. I'm pretty sure the Noia fans will dig this, and the other way around.

As for those of you waiting for Gloomy Sunday/Lazarus Blackstar split LP. You just have to keep waiting due to artwork/layout problems. So I guess that one will be out in 2016 or something.

As for more upcoming releases there's a bunch of rad vinyls in the pipeline. Hopefully some of these will be sent to press before the end of this year.

Image stolen from http://pussyfoots.blogspot.com/. Sikas is one of the few who already has the records in his collection.

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