Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Noia and Usurpress 12" shipping on Monday + mailorder update.

Alright.Time to start taking orders for Noia LP and Usurpress 12”. These will ship next Monday. So there’s still time for distros/shops to get a hold of copies of both editions.

Some info:

5th Boil: Noia – Necessary Extinction LP
Filthy Thrash-Blackened Punk Metal. A must have, now on vinyl! With amazing artwork by Rob Middleton. Rot in fucking hell!

Comes in a thick jacket and printed inner sleeve. 
Regular Edition black vinyl,
Wicked Edition limited to 109 numbered copies on silver/black vinyl and poster.

8th Boil: Usurpress - In Permanent Twilight 12"
Debut 12” of D-beat pounding Death Metal from Uppsala/Sweden.
Comes in a thick jacket and printed inner sleeve. 
Regular Edition black vinyl.
Wicked Edition limited to 111 numbered copies on white vinyl.

Check out songs from both records at the sounds section here.

And I’ve also got a couple of other records in stock:

Attack of the mad Axeman - Scumdogs of the Forest
Cruciamentum - Convocation of Crawling Chaos 10"
Death Strike - Fuckin' Death LP + 7inch
Entrails - Tales from the Morgue                     
Fuck on the Beach - Eat 'Em All                         
Funeral (Swe) –  Forgotten Abominations 12"                        
In Disgust/PLF                            
Invidious - In Death 12"          
Miasmal - S/T 
Noia - Necessary Extinction (Regular)           
Noia - Necessary Extinction (Wicked Edition lim to 100)     
Noia + Usurpress 12" package (incl both Wicked Editions lim to 100)         
Noisear - Pyroclastic Annhiallation                  
Saturnalia Temple - Aion of Drakon                
Sonne Adam - Transformation                         
Unholy Grave/Tersanjung    
Usurpress - In Permanent Twillight (Regular)                         
Usurpress - In Permanent Twillight (Wicked Edition lim to 100)                   

Oslo we Rot - 2*7" (Obliteration/Diskord/Execration/Lobotomized)
Sakatat/Matka Teresa

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